Clichés and prejudices

by frgi

Oh, the irony. This is a very cliché subject, isn’t it?

I dislike premade ideas, clichés and prejudices. At least, that’s what I like to say. When I really think about it, I realise how many things seem obvious to me when they aren’t. I try not to judge people just because of how they look, but to what extent can that work? I believe our mind is conditioned by the world we live in, and that it’s really hard to avoid having prejudices. I’m not talking about anything in particular, prejudices can be positive as well as negative, and concern different aspects : skin color, haircut, style of dress, number of languages spoken, home country, taste in beer, number of unicorns owned. (Because why the hell not?) I, for example, tend to think that black people have a greater chance of being good singers (that might be true as well…), tend to have a bigger empathy for Anglophones, tend to dislike superficial looking girls. I don’t know why. I guess most people have their own prejudices, but I still think we should try to fight them and to give everyone a chance. You can dislike someone, but only when you’ve tried to like him/her first. That’s more or less the way I see things, but I don’t always manage to act like this, unfortunately.

Anyway, I have a good example to prove my point, I think. So here goes. I have been in some conventions about video games, mangas and Japan. I’ve met loads of different people there, but a majority of this kind of… “goth” community. I don’t really like using this term to define them, because, again, it’s a bit of a cliché. But I just want people to know what I talk about, and I hope it works this way. So, most of the “goth” people I met get angry at “douchebags” because they have prejudices and judge “goth” people because of their style. And then they make fun of the “douchebags”. Because of how they dress and behave. I always thought this was very ironic. “These people are so mean, they make fun of our style, they don’t even know us and think we’re stupid. Besides, look at their dumb shoes! I’m sure they’re retarded or something.” I don’t think there’s anything to add to that, it just speaks for itself to me.

All I want to say is don’t let prejudices get the better of you, try to get to know people before forming an opinion on them. This was the rosy-cuty message for today. Short post but I’m kind of tired. And I wanted to write about that, but didn’t really plan any content. Anyhow, I’ll try to write more soon, see you next time! And thanks for reading.