Dreams vs. Reality

by frgi

Have you already traded an enjoyable but real situation for perfect dreams? I have. And I will probably regret it forever.

The best example is the perfect guy/girl syndrome. You meet this person, he/she is perfect. But you have someone already. Then you surprise yourself thinking about how much better it could be with the person you just met. Then you don’t want to stay with your boyfriend/girlfriend anymore. Then you regret it, either because the dream guy/girl isn’t that perfect after all, or because he/she isn’t interested in you.

There’s a quote about that in the film “500 days of Summer”. At some point, some of the characters answer questions about love, in a sort of little interview-type thing. Paul starts describing how the girl of his dreams would be different from his girlfriend. Then he simply says : “Robin is better than the girl of my dreams. She’s real.

This is the simplest and most obvious example that comes to my head when I think about the dreams vs. reality thing. But it works for a lot of other things. You could move into a new house and end up regretting the old one, because you had illusions over how great the new place was, and because you realize it has no real advantages over the old one.

There is another meaning for the title of the article. Not only it could mean the trade between dreams and reality. It could also mean the illusions you have about something, and the disappointment you get when you realize what you imagined isn’t true. This happened to me, although I’m quite sure it happened to pretty much everybody on earth.

Have you ever seen some food that looked extremely delicious and actually tasted disgusting? That’s exactly what I mean.

The thing you have to remember is : If something is hidden, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good. Most humans have a tendency to imagine that what they wish to see is true. Illusions make us take decisions that we could regret afterwards. Useful tip? You decide. Pretty obvious one, that’s all I know.

Ideals are like that too. I have very exaggerated ideals, for example a completely even repartition of resources on planet Earth. I know this would be completely impossible, but it’s still something that I would consider perfect.

Sorry if this article doesn’t really have a point, but I am just throwing random thought on here to reduce the emptiness that filled this blog for too long. I also wrote it like an interpretation tentative of the title. The thing is, I wrote something that was (kind of) interesting, and it didn’t get saved, so I got annoyed. Anyway, will write something a bit more constructive soon. Don’t worry. (Not like anybody is following this blog avidly, anyway. Just trying to make it feel a bit professional… And probably failing.)

See you!