I’m not going to talk about me, I’m going to talk about my opinions.

by frgi

But for the sake of you understanding these opinions, and also because I believe that when you know absolutely nothing about someone, this someone is immediately less believable, I’m going to introduce myself.

So, I am Francesca, Swiss, turning seventeen next month. I presently live in Zürich, to learn to speak German. Normally, I live in Lausanne, so I usually speak French. Thus, I hope you will excuse any English mistakes that could sneak into my posts. I live with my father (in Lausanne, not right now). My mother died about three years ago. The only reason why I talk about this in my first post is that it changed my vision of the world quite radically, and that you might understand my opinions better if you know about it. I study maths and physics, and I’m rather nerdy, to be honest. I love science-fiction, video games, rock music (and music in general), drawing, robotics, and some other random stuff. You will probably find out about this if you read this blog.

I’d like to repeat that this site is not about my life or about me, but about my opinion on stuff, and topics that I find interesting. However, I am pretty sure I will use some examples in my posts, probably situations that I lived through. Sooo I guess you will have to read through some rambling about random things that happened (or are happening) to me, even if it isn’t the primary function of this blog. Also, I want you to tell me if you don’t agree with me. I created this page to discuss, not just to expose what I think. Constructive criticism is also welcome. Just avoid comments like “dis iz stupid lolol!!1!!1!one”. Thanks.

If you already know me, maybe you should not be reading this. I guess I’m going to be quite honest on here, and if you’re an important part of my life, I might talk about you. I won’t mention any names, obviously, but you might recognize yourself. If you think you can handle it, go ahead! If not, well you will have to give up on reading this really entertaining site! How sad. (If you are this cousin of mine who encouraged me to write about politics and polemical stuff on here, keep on reading! It’s partly your fault if this page of boring walls of text exists, and you’re probably the only person who’s going to read it, so enjoy.)

That’s it! Hope you’ll like my blog. See you in my next post.